Facilities Management

We have always believed that a proactive program of scheduled maintenance and cleaning provides years of trouble free operation of your valuable HVAC/R equipment.

Our many Service Contract customers enjoy the benefits of an ongoing program designed specifically to meet the needs of each individual installation.

We package our Service and Preventive Maintenance programs to meet the needs of the installation based on the operation requirements of each piece of equipment.

Included in our programs are filter and belt changes as well as scheduled cleanings.

Our program of regularly scheduled preventive maintenance checks for all of your HVAC equipment as the basis for establishing an ongoing service designed to limit the need for emergency service call to the absolute minimum.

We have proven over the years that this program combined with our annual cleaning program provides each customer with years of trouble free use.

We provide the following comprehensive services for commercial, institutional and high-end residential buildings.

Complete Service, Annual Maintenance and Repair Works for Air-Conditioning Works, Electrical Works & Plumbing Works (Water Supply & Drainage System).

  • 24-hour emergency service.
  • Energy management.
  • Pre and post-construction surveys.
  • Comfort complaint resolutions.
  • Duct cleaning.
  • Preventive maintenance surveys.
  • System startups and service contracts.
  • Specialized filtration systems.
  • Piping systems maintenance/repairs.
  • Air quality investigation/remediation.


EMATEC is one of the top in the list of plumbing contractors or companies in Beirut – Lebanon. We deals with all plumbing services and maintenance of tanks, pumps , floor, drainage system, sanitary system etc. We will also provide an excellent service in beginning itself which will reduce your cost for maintenance.

  • Water tank maintenance.
  • Booster pump, transfer pump maintenance.
  • Maintenance of floor, Trap, Gully Trap, Bottle Trap, Trap Manhole and Air rent.
  • Rodding eye drainage system.
  • Maintenance of sanitary fittings.
  • Maintenance of drainage system.

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