EMATEC offers its professional engineering services in building and infrastructure industry.

It is registered in Lebanon, Beirut and has an extensive professional and technical expertise in Electro-Mechanical Applications and Technologies.

  • For all your Electro-Mechanical Applications and Technologies.
  • Our installation services are always done promptly and safely.
  • All work undertaken by qualified electricians.
  • Experienced office staff on hand from initial job enquiry.
  • A Full Guarantee On All Workmanship & Products.
About Electro-Mechanical Applications and Technologies

We Are Professionals

EMATEC Services


The art electrical installations that provide all the necessary electrical solutions to suit your business, home or industrial premises.

Electrical Maintenace

Repairs and replacement of any low voltage or high voltage equipment or machineries, repairing of any domestic accessories.

Electro Mechanical

Our Mechanical Services team is highly equipped to handle all aspects coming under the mechanical engineering discipline.

Electro Mechanical Safety

You can trust us to follow the safety measures required for all Electro-Mechanical Applications installations and repairs.

Change Panel

Traditionally, electricity is supplied through overhead network poles, where the cable is connected to your building.


EMATEC will do their very best to make the others comfortable. EMATEC prices will meet your needs and budget.

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Quickly Response Times

Licensed Electricians

Experienced And Accessible

Affordable Price


If you’re looking for trusted Electro-Mechanical company we’re at Your service, providing Electro-Mechanical Applications and Technologies services.

24/7 Availability

We Offer Quality Work

Electro-Mechanical Applications and Technologies Services

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